Friday, July 11, 2014


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with just a light breeze, 
perfect to go for a stroll. 
The meds had kicked in and I felt I could walk awhile. 
I zigzaged  through the streets of the city, 
going west with a purpose
which you'll eventually find out about... 
While I cannot promise to post my pictures in the order I took them, 
I have enough to entertain you for the next couple of weeks. 
It was that good of a morning!!

"Dias de los Muertos [by Beast]" 

Let's skip ahead and find ourselves on De Maisonneuve Street West
 a secondary street in the downtown district. 
While the sector is familiar to me as I spent so much time downtown, 
looking at it now in the morning light, 
I found it to be vaguely in a state of desuetude... 
Not as glamourous as I once believed it to be. 
Is it me who has changed or is it the city? 
I think we've both changed over time, 
and Time was not so kind with either. 
A man was rummaging through garbage, 
and I would have dismissed it right away, 
but his action drew my attention to my right to a small lane between two housing buildings. 
On a wall, 
I saw there was a large graffiti with a large centerpiece 
featuring a "Dias de los Muertos" figure. 
The signature says "Beast". 
A splendid piece of urban art.

"Graffiti: Collaboration between KidPQ, Beast and Quidam [Montreal]" 

I identified my photograph as a collaboration by three graffiti artists, 
"Beast" in the center, 
"Quidam" on the right and a signature I have seen before... 
But the one on the left is described as being by "KidPQ" by another blogger
and since I am not knowledgeable about such things, 
I may have to rely on his opinion
I tried to research it on Google, 
but only his reference came up. 
If someone has more info, 
it would certainly be appreciated. 
This was done a few years ago, 
but a little photoshop revived the colors, 
and I have nothing bad to say about the overall composition 
as it fills up the wall beautifully. 
Pity its impact is a bit lost, 
since this is in a small lane, 
barely allowing passage for one car...

"Graffiti: [Montreal]" 

Later on that day, 
on my way back home, 
I did come back for a while on DeMaisonneuve Street
but on the East side. 
As I walked by the St-Laurent Metro (subway) Station
I immediately recognized the work of Labrona [in the lower right corner] on a container. 
So I started taking pictures, 

"Graffiti: St-Laurent Metro Station [Montreal]" 

Here's another detail of the same container, 
but on its west side. 
You may wonder why I titled my post 
"Drama in Broad Daylight"... 
Well, the thing is... 
My battery died!!! 
As hard as I tried to coax the camera to allow me a few more shots, 
no can do!! 
I have only myself to blame since I took a gazillion photos  
for the last two fireworks 
and didn't bother to recharge the battery since then... 
While I always carry my camera, 
this stroll was a spur-of-the-moment thing 
and I certainly didn't expect to take so many pictures. 
So, no need to shed tears here, 
as I have plenty to show for. 
I would have cried though if it had happened earlier that day. 
So stay tuned!! 
I am currently working on my pics and will feature them as they are ready. 

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