Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MY WISH LIST (202/365 DAYS, 4.0)

if only I were rich!!!... 
My tastes can be quite eclectic 
and I'll prove it today. 
Here's what I would put on my wish list:

"The Throne Room [Dorian Fitzgerald, 2009]" 

This is a very large painting that graces the whole back wall of a gallery at the museum 
and it makes quite the [favorable] impact [on me].

"Bust [Guglielmo Della Porta, 1550-70]" 

I would gladly pair this sculpture with the previous painting. 
This mix of bronze and marble is remarkable 
and I find it has an almost modern aspect 
even though it dates back to the 16th century. 
Some might think I consider this my role model 
for the lack of hair on his/my head 
and the great beard as well, 
of which I am extremely fond of... 
His and mine!!

"Sky Cathedral [Louise Nevelson, 1977]"

Seeing this here gives me the giggle, 
because it reminds me of a time when life had me face a panel of people 
who declined any knowledge of Ms Nevelson. 
While her works sits [proudly] in museums, 
those people will remain unknown or obscure artists [at best], 
remembered only for the mediocrity of their minds. 
But then, 
those are the same people who didn't know who David Hockney or Franco Zeffirelli
I just can't suffer small minded people. 
they couldn't suffer my ignorance of the local scene... 
I guess it was fair, 
even if I didn't like the outcome of that interview.

"Satyr [Pietro Tacca, 1577-1640]" 

A lovely piece 
and I'd chose this not without some cynicism 
as some might expect me to turn into one at my age... 
But, alas, no!! 
I do not yearn for fresh young flesh... 
Just some middle-aged guy would do just fine!!

"Austria III [Jean-Paul Riopelle, 1954]"

As I've mentioned before, 
Riopelle would be a must!!!

"Blue Drops [Paul-Emile Borduas, 1955]" 

And that ain't bad either, 
wouldn't you agree?!?

"Jason Charming the Dragon [Salvator Rosa, 1665-70]" 

Being an avowed Arthurian for as long as I can remember, 
anything related to medieval mythology at large connects with my own affinities, 
as attested by the painting above, 
and the one below.

"St George and The Dragon [Briton Riviere, 1908-09]"

"Crown of Flowers [William Bouguereau, 1884]" 

Of course, 
I'm a total sap for Bouguereau!! 
'Nough said!!... 
Since I'm not rich, 
my last resort would be to sleep at the museum to be permanently surrounded by such beauty. 
But my only [logical] option remains to renew annually my subscription 
to get free access to all of these. 
I do try to be sensible about these things, 
but one can still dream...


  1. I love your taste... and style. I'm not rich either. Maybe, between us, we can chip in and get it all. Will 11 euros and 43 cents cover my share?

  2. Dis donc, faut-il avoir une permission spéciale pour prendre des photos dans le musée?

    Très belle sélection, soit dit en passant.



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