Monday, August 18, 2014

GAY PRIDE PARADE 2014 in MONTREAL (229/365 DAYS, 4.0)

Once more, 
I declare that Mother Nature is a lesbian. 
No rain, 
with a few sunny breaks, 
just in time for the 

"Flag Bearers

Preceded by the gay bikers, 
the flags are always an exciting moment 
as we get to be in the broad daylight, 
showing our pride!!

"Marching Band

First time I see this group, 
and I forgot their name... 
But they were an enthusiastic bunch, 
waving their flags in support of the community. 
It also shows that people from any age can participate. 
I like that!!

"Madame Simone

Orange was the theme color this year 
and I'm pretty sure fabric stores across town are all sold out 
because of the dragqueens... 
Leave it to them to make a big impression.

"Asian Dragqueens"

Love these costumes!!!


Standing proud 
and asking for better laws regarding immigration, 
because LGBT remains a cause for discrimination in many countries, 
and also because some couples are from different countries 
and wish to live together. 
Makes sense!!


Always a favorite of mine!!


Look at these smiles!! 
Mazel Tov!!


Our local publication, 
which I mentioned recently, 
because it is its 30th anniversary.


One of our community services, 
about safer sexual practices.

"A Pieds Levés

One of our sporting teams, 
this one does aerobics 
and they are the hardest working here, 
performing for the whole duration.

"RBC & the Flag

Corporate sponsors, 
always important for the success of any event. 
Nice visibility here.


Love their costumes 
as it truly reflects Montreal lately...

"4 the Geeks

Superheroes and furries, 
something to please any gamers and such...

"Mister Leather Montreal

Of course, 
a touch of leather to end this post. 

I didn't stay for the whole thing. 
The organizers opted not to use the police for crowd control, 
relying instead on volunteers. 
I cannot speak for the whole itinerary, 
but from where I stood, 
it was sheer mayhem, 
people crowding the parade, 
rushing in to have their picture taken with just about everybody involved in the parade, 
via selfie or the help of a friend... 
I detest this mentality, 
look at me with so-and-so
look at me standing in front of this or that
That's not the kind of pictures I take. 
And when a guy with an ice cream truck decided to park himself in front of me, 
that was the last straw!! 
He was promptly asked to leave, 
but it was too late!! 
I was fed up and decided to leave. 
It was hard to even take only half decent pictures...
No regrets!! 
I think I've seen enough to give you a sense of what it was like. 
I'm just glad they had nice weather. 
And I guess next year, 
yellow will be the official color. 
So not in my color palette either....


  1. Always enjoy seeing other's Pride Parades ~~ we missed Hfx's this year, perhaps next ~~ I did enjoy P'Town's because our vantage point was open and therefore no one blocking the way. The Asian pics ~~ mmm very nice. Mojo, seems to be sort of twisted. 4 the Geeks ~ look at that outfit and to add your skill with PS makes the whole event quite pleasing to look at.
    Thanks Bruno.

    1. I must say I've never seen a gay pride parade elsewhere.
      My idea of photography is to capture the subject at its best,
      not having MY picture taken with this person or that thing.
      The selfie culture is annoying me...
      The costumes of those Asian dragqueens were splendid and they carried themselves very properly, as you'd expect!!
      And a little photoshop, just to forget it was grey at times and make the colors more lively.
      A little cheating goes a long way!!

  2. I agree with 'the guy' above! Or else!! lol
    This looks like fun.....most gay-pride parades are. Too bad about not being 'policed' (in a friendly but present way). I don't like an unorganized parade with mobs of people either. Can get scary.

    1. I've seen a few pics from others at the event and the crowd seemed well behaved
      as one could clearly see the participants without interference.
      I should have gone further west where it began.
      I was at the level of Chinatown, which proved a poor choice.
      Live and learn, right!?!


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