Friday, August 8, 2014

MY OASIS (219/365 DAYS, 4.0)

If I meant to capture an event in Old Montreal last Sunday, 
the heat and humidity had the better on my resolve. 
when I reached my destination, 
I saw no sign of preparation 20 minutes before it was supposed to start. 
So I found refuge in a familiar place, 
the Governor's Garden
in Old Montreal.

"Fountain [Governor's Garden, Old Montreal]" 

Walking in the shade the garden offered, 
I savored the moment.

"The Color Purple [Governor's Garden, Old Montreal]" 

If people wonder where all of the bees have gone, 
let me say that this garden seems to be a haven for those who survived 
the pesticides that poison our environment...

"Grapevine [Governor's Garden, Old Montreal]"

I always find it a joy to see Nature go through its cycles.

"Golden [Governor's Garden, Old Montreal]" 

I leave you with 3 diptychs of different color schemes.

"Lazy Susan [Governor's Garden, Old Montreal]" 

"Pretty in Pink [Governor's Garden, Old Montreal]" 

This bear may have an uneasy time in this heat, 
but it was worth spending a quiet moment there, 
after watching a street entertainer for a while, 
one I had seen before 
but he has modified his number 
and was as delightful as I remember him. 
Tourists and locals seemed to enjoy his performance. 
On my way home, 
I heard a noise that made me think the event I meant to see was happening, 
but that was the only sound I heard, 
so I figured I wasn't missing much... 
Not worth for me to turn back!! 
I was content with the pictures I got here. 
I went back home to sit in front of the A/C. 

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