Friday, August 8, 2014

PUSSIES???? (219/365 DAYS, 4.0)

As a gay man, 
who could have ever imagine I'd ever be surrounded by pussies?!? 
My first cat, 
was love at first sight!! 
I lost her only too quickly, 
but perhaps it prepared me for what was to come....

"Miss Carrie Brad'Chat" 

The day after I lost Igraine... 
A neighbor literally dropped this cat in my lap!! 
An angry alcoholic with a demented dog. 
Where he [really] got this cat, 
I've got absolutely no idea!! 
But I found it hiding behind a bookshelf, 
scared absolutely shitless!!! 
I brought it home 
and shortly afterward, 
a friend showed up and said: 
Oh!! She's a keeper!! 
I'd be the keeper.... 
But while I was mourning for Igraine
named after Sarah Jessica Parker's character in Sex and the City
Carrie Bradshaw... 
became an inspiration.
I must admit I find it hard to believe it's already been 5 years since I've been dealing 
with Carrie's moods and quirks... 
I can still remember her as she first laid on my couch 
after spending 24 hours with that angry alcoholic.... 
And I have no regrets whatsoever taking her in. 
We both adapted ourselves to each other.

"Ophelia o'Chum

Ophelia, Ophelia, Ophelia!! 
How did I come by her? 
Because some heartless asshole dumped her in the toilet where I work... 
She smelled of feces but I fell in love with her instantly!!! 
While other employees gave her a bath and found her a cage from the research center, 
(thanks everyone for this!!!), 
I went home during my lunch to pick up the carrier, 
and after my day at work, 
I brought her home by taxi, 
safely in that carrier, 
and took her to the cat room...  

The first 24 hours were crucial.... 
She was still scared!! 
Of me, 
of Carrie too!! 
But after a while, 
she got used to me. 
That's another story.... 
But she is such a darling, 
I couldn't imagine life without her!! 

Life is a funny thing!! 
While most would imagine me worrying about dicks 
and just how much of that I can get... 
(like I once did...) 
Pussies now dominate my agenda!! 
I got to be home for their meals: 
I never go away for more than 24 hours, 
You get the idea, 
They depend on me 
and I take this responsibly very seriously. 
Many would tell me that cats can survive for longer than that, 
but judging from  my own experience, 
cats are not THAT independent 
and  NEED their owner to be there for them. 
And I am more than willing to be that kind of person. 
I had Carrie declawed because she was way too malicious, 
but I promised her to scratch her as much as she would ever want, 
and she makes sure daily I hold up on that promise.... 
As for Ophelia, 
still scared of flushing toilets and such, 
as inadequate as she can be in some matters, 
she is still the best fur ball to have around. 
Such a cutie!! 
How could I ever resist her?!? 
So my heart is torn between a Calico Cat and a Tortoise Shell one... 
Why would I need to choose one? 
I love them both and try to treat them equally. 
Not an easy task as these two females have a turf war going on, 
but I am here to regulate this. 
I wish I could regulate human wars THAT easily.... 
No such luck!!!
And news only prove me right... 

In case you didn't know, 
today is 
Hence the pictures of my unwilling victims...


  1. Gays and divas, a match made in heaven!

    ♫♪ Et prend un verre de bière, mon minou... ♫♪


  2. Carrie & Ophelia, Thank you so very much for taking care of my friend. T-Bear, Thank you so very much for taking care of both cat princesses. :-) xxx

    1. Linoue, I swear they take very good care of me,
      reminding me constantly of their presence,
      day...and night!!!

  3. Every gay man needs at least one pussy in his life! ;)

    As for International Cat Day, I have my Mable (who is also a tortoise shell). She drives me insane with her antics. Having said that, my home wouldn't be the same without her.


    1. Ahem...

      Yes, if they weren't there,
      my home would be clean!!!
      But it just wouldn't be the same...


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