Saturday, August 23, 2014

TOUGH DAY?!? (234/365 DAYS, 4.0)

So I've now been off work for over two months, 
the medications still knock the wind out of me 
and yet the pain remains. 
Physiotherapy has its benefits and set-backs, 
but upon my last session, 
I could see from the corner of my eye 
that someone was having a tougher time than me...

"Tough Day?!?

Meet my friend that greets me upon each of my visits to the physiotherapy department. 
You'll notice his humerus looks more distant than usual from the clavicle. 
Also his mandible appears crooked and unhinged on its right. 
And let's not forget that someone taped the cranium. 
It would have been rude to check out what damage is underneath. 
At least my damages do not show to the naked eye,
or so I like to believe... 
And there'll always be someone worse off than yourself. 
I'll get to see my friend again next week, 
and I am also scheduled for an epidural. 
Hoping this one will work out great... 
The last time was rather traumatic. 
How was your day?!? 
Make no bones about it if your day proved simply marvelous. 
I'm not the envious type.


  1. I somehow didn't know that you were sick like this! I'm so sorry. Constant pain is horrible, debilitating, takes over. Hope it all gets better soon, even if seeing the skeleton cheers you up!

    1. Hello Mrs K.!!
      Hasn't been the best couple of months nor the kind of Summer I was planning.
      I sleep little and poorly, generally leaving me feeling tired and aching.
      So my hopes rest with that epidural on Tuesday. Less meds would be a welcomed change.
      I've been fortunate enough to manage to still do photography,
      taking enough pictures that would last me a while.
      My current situation even raised the question whether I'd keep on blogging,
      considering I might just keep my Facebook page along with my Flickr account.
      I've already deleted my Pinterest page and I have a Tumblr which I never find the time to visit.
      And you already know it's been a while now since I've done anything for SS, which I think it's a pity.
      I like this meme but the way I do things and the amount of research I do seems too much for me right now.
      Oh well, there will be better days!! That cloud will eventually quit raining over my head...

  2. Good luck with the epidural and whatever you do keep taking the tablets/photos!

    1. It's done now.
      Came back less than an hour ago.
      Glad it's now over and done with.
      Just hoping there will be some benefit to this procedure.


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